13 June 2024

De Brauw contributes Netherlands chapters to Private Equity: Lexology In-Depth and Lexology Panoramic

+ 6 other experts

De Brauw's chapters in the 2024 edition of Lexology In-Depth: Private Equity provides a detailed overview of market developments and the regulatory regime for private equity transactions and fundraising in the Netherlands. The Investing chapter was written by Lennard Keijzer, Pete Lawley, Claudia van Rappard-Priem, Bas Boutellier and Bob de Waard. The Fundraising chapter was written by Mariska Enzerink and Abe Stegenga.

De Brauw is also pleased to have contributed the Netherlands chapters for the 2024 edition of Lexology Panoramic: Private Equity, for both Transactions and Fund Formation. Lennard Keijzer, Pete Lawley, Frank Hamming, Claudia van Rappard-Priem and Lisa Chee wrote the Transactions chapter. Mariska Enzerink and Abe Stegenga wrote the Fund Formation chapter. The publication provides insight, in a question and answer format, on various aspects of the private equity sector in the Netherlands, including the state of the market, transaction and fundraising terms and processes, and the applicable legal framework and regulatory developments.