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Chambers Europe, 2021


16 April 2020

Dutch Pension Deal should distribute financial shocks fairly, but how?

The coronavirus pandemic causes human suffering, will lead to financial shocks and may hit pensions hard. The expectation is that those in work will be able to mitigate losses with future earnings, but pensioners do not have this opportunity. Two eminent economists in the Netherlands recently outlined a pension system that distributes shocks between the young and old. They propose attributing financial risks based on personal pension assets and objective market valuation. Pension funds divide the non-financial risks (life expectancy, expected future return and inflation) based on subjective estimates and defined ambition. This enables pension funds to distribute highs and lows, in the interest of social cohesion. Their blueprint can help the government and others who are currently engaged in working out the details of the new Pension Deal.
17 December 2019

UK election makes 31 January 2020 Brexit date inevitable

With a convincing Conservative majority win in the recent UK general election, Boris Johnson is expected to present his revised Brexit deal to parliament before Christmas. A new protocol in the revised deal replaces the controversial backstop arrangements in Theresa May's deal.
16 May 2019

Financial Markets in brief – new regulations and other developments

There have been many developments in national and European financial markets regulation during the past month. We provide a brief overview of these developments, which include the Council of the EU's vote on the EU banking reform package and, in the Netherlands, the adoption of a Dutch bill implementing the Prospectus Regulation and the rejection of a remuneration bill put forward by some members of parliament.