19 July 2023

Future of Pensions Act – our new guide

On 1 July 2023, the Future of Pensions Act (WTP) entered into force, leading to a major overhaul of the Dutch pension system, with future pension accrual being based on a defined contribution scheme. In our new guide – available in Dutch and English – we discuss the key elements of the WTP.

One of the most far-reaching changes is that as, of 1 January 2028, future pension accrual will be based on a defined contribution scheme. This means that the focus will shift from benefit to contribution. The process of preparing for a careful and timely transition to the new regime is now gaining momentum.

The WTP guide provides an overview of the key changes and sets out points for consideration in nine focus areas:

- WTP & employment law

- WTP & M&A

- WTP & governance

- WTP & supervision

- WTP & duty of care

- WTP & outsourcing

- WTP & pension administration

- WTP & legal proceedings

- WTP & administrative law

Many thanks to all De Brauw lawyers who contributed to this guide: Eva Schram, Esther Huijzer, Stefan Sagel, Barbara Kloppert, Kees Groffen, Eelco Meerdink, Arjan Kleinhout, Birgit Snijder-Kuipers, Mirjam Kerkhof, Sanne Veenstra, Marit van Zandvoort, Astrid Meijerink, Laurie Kampkuiper, Nick van Dongen, Stan van den Berg and Ezinne Molenkamp