10 January 2024

De Brauw advises IMC on update of its corporate holding structure with new U.S. global parent company

+ 12 other team members

On 21 December 2023, IMC announced the update of its corporate holding structure. The firm created a new U.S. holding company, known as IMC Global Holdings LLC, to become the global parent company for the IMC group of companies. IMC took this step to better position itself to achieve its strategic growth agenda. The new structure will enable IMC to operate on a more level playing field with its peers, who are mainly U.S. based, including from a legal, regulatory and regulatory capital requirements perspective.

The headquarters of IMC remain in Amsterdam and its day-to-day operations similarly remain unchanged. IMC also maintains its Dutch tax residency, as well as its two-tier board governance structure. IMC’s regulated entities are also unaffected and will continue to be subject to supervision by their respective regulators. IMC obtained a declaration of no-objection from the Dutch Central Bank in relation to the restructuring, as well as regulatory approvals in certain other jurisdictions where IMC maintains an operative presence.

The update of the holding structure was completed on 1 January 2024. As a result, the new global parent company of the IMC group is now IMC Global Holdings LLC.