Waterland Private Equity sells Intertrust to the Blackstone Group

December 1, 2012

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek has advised Waterland Private Equity on the divestment of Intertrust to The Blackstone Group through a controlled auction. Intertrust is a global trust service provider with over 1,100 experts in over 20 countries worldwide. The transaction is subject to antitrust clearance and regulatory approvals in various countries.

De Brauw lead partner Arne Grimme indicates that this is a sign of hope for the Dutch M & A market. ‘The sale of Intertrust to Waterland to Blackstone is a welcomed, but at this moment also a rare, example of a successful large secondary buy-out in the Netherlands.


Team: Arne Grimme, Reinier Kleipool, Martin Krijgh, Andries Polkerman, Michael Schouten, Wiebe Dijkstra, Henk van Ravenhorst, Eva Schram, Dorothé Bongaerts-Stubbé, Bernard Spoor, Liselotte Kooi, Douwe Groenevelt, Jan Marten van Dijk, Margreet Ruijter, Anne Josephus Jitta, Hendrik ter Kuile, Simone Kooij, John Jansen, Laura Speijer, Hilde Wille, Chiraz Muradin, Maarten Tinnemans, Andy Furr, Nienke Roetert Steenbruggen, Olav Klaver, Tijmen Klein Bronsvoort

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